Use Your Superpowers to Support Start-Ups

Use Your Superpowers to Support Start-Ups​

We match experts like you and pay you to support the growth of start-ups without them needing to have £1m+ in the bank.

Apply today to get paid doing something good in the world, preventing good start-ups from becoming another failure statistic.

You have years of experience...

You'd love to help good start-ups...

To do so, you'd have to take a pay cut or risk being paid for equity...

How about being perfectly matched to a start-up based on them as people and the strategic needs your expertise can support...

Successful ideas are just a multiplier of Execution.

Help reduce the execution issues that are almost always linked to start-up failures.

Many funded start-ups don't know you exist and don't know how much you can help them.

They need help in strategic areas and execution that proven experts like you can support.

How many paid projects have you worked on that haven't been a perfect fit for you?

What if you could have paid work offered to you that matches your expertise, professional approach and personality?

The Venture Consultants Model

  1. We secure funding from our partners, whether they be in VC, PE, Angel Networks or Charities;

  2. We allocate resources to a start-up, based on their strategic aims, and that of the funding partner;

  3. We then match subject matter experts like you, to their start-up based on your skills and personality profile;

  4. We add value to you by managing the process and keeping everyone to account.

This is not a new Concept, This is an Evolution.

Expert Execution is a Start-Up Superpower. Brains First. Not Just Cash.