Superpowers for Your Start-Up

Expert consultants matched to your needs, personality and strengths. Funded and placed to get the job done!

Your Start-Up shouldn't be one of the failure statistics. Apply to get funded support today.

You've got a great idea...

You may have funding...

You are an expert in your product or service...

Are you the Sales, Marketing, Finance, Legal, HR, Technology and Operations Expert, able to fully execute on your idea?

Successful ideas are just a multiplier of Execution.

Execution issues are almost always linked to start-up failures.

Having funding doesn't always mean you have the expert execution support to hand.

Sometimes you don't even have the support in your network.

Experts often want to help start-ups but can't take pay cuts or risk being paid in equity.

Even with funding, knowing the expert you pay for is a fit is almost impossible. Until it's too late.

What if you could have funded support from experts who match your strategic aims professional approach and personality?

The Venture Consultants Model

  1. We secure funding from our partners, whether they be in VC, PE, Angel Networks or Charities;

  2. We allocate resources to a start-up like yours, based on your strategic aims, and that of the funding partner;

  3. We then match subject matter experts to your start-up based on your skills and personality profile;

  4. We add value to you by managing the process and experts are held to account and you get what you need to succeed.

‚ÄčThis is not a new Concept,
This is an Evolution.

‚ÄčExpert Execution is a Start-Up Superpower.
Brains First. Not Just Cash.