Use Our Experts to Protect Your Investments

Use Our Experts to Protect Your Investments

We match subject matter experts to support the growth of start-ups. Protecting your investments and increasing success rates.

Consider funding expert consultants to support the building and scaling of the start-ups you invest in.

You invest in start-up's futures...

You'd love to see your investments succeed...

Each investment is a gamble, connected to their execution powers, not your money...

How about mitigating your risk with our perfectly matched execution experts based on them as people and the strategic needs your funding aims to support...

Successful ideas are just a multiplier of Execution.

Help mitigate your investment risk with execution multiplier support.

Many funded start-ups don't know who to hire in to their business, with your money.

They always need help in strategic areas and execution that proven experts like ours can support.

How start-up's that you have invested in failed due to poor execution?

What if you could have expertise that matches the professional approach and personality of a start-up to deliver execution support?

The Venture Consultants Model

  1. We secure funding from partners who are looking to mitigate the risk of failure from their investments;

  2. We allocate those resources to a start-up, based on their strategic aims, and that of you, our funding partner;

  3. We then match subject matter experts, to the start-up based on their skills and personality profile;

  4. We add value to you by managing the process and keeping everyone to account.

This is not a new Concept, This is an Evolution.

Expert Execution is a Start-Up Superpower. Brains First. Not Just Cash.